Two thousand four hundred and eighty intercultural exchange students participated in this project. These sojourners were enrolled on a yearlong cultural exchange program with AFS Intercultural Programs Inc. that started in 2010. Students travelled from 46 different home countries to one of 51 different host destinations. The world map shows which countries were represented in this project.

Countries represented in the ILA project (in green)

World map

There was substantial variation in the number of participants travelling from each country and to each destination. The following diagram gives an overview of the relative sample size per country (only countries with more than 10 participants are shown). The countries for which we obtained the largest sending (origin) samples are Italy, Germany and Thailand (left panel). The countries for which we obtained the largest hosting (destination) samples are the USA and Germany (right panel).

Number of participants

by country of origin (sending)

by county of destination (hosting)

Data was collected from a further 578 individuals who were followed for a year whilst staying in their home country. These participants were nominated by the sojourners and were therefore similar in age and other demographics, serving as an ideal control group.