Research team

The ILA project is lead by Dr. Nicolas Geeraert and Miss Kali Demes, social psychologists at the University of Essex, UK.

Nicolas, the principal investigator on this project, is also an AFS returnee from Belgium to Thailand (1994-1995). In 2005 Nicolas and colleagues collaborated with AFS-Belgium Flanders on a longitudinal study of Belgian exchange students (funded by the British Academy). Yielding some interesting findings the 2005 project was the inspiration for the current global study.

Kali is a psychology graduate from the University of Essex. Having worked on a number of smaller projects after graduating, she became specifically interested in acculturation. Kali is now working towards her PhD on the topic of well-being and cultural adaptation abroad, with data from the ILA project.

Many other individuals at the University of Essex contributed to this project along the way, to whom we are indebted. Specifically, we wish to express our gratitude to the following people: Shereen Anderson, Verena Barroso-Bastos, Dan Bigmore, Alan Brignull, Roger Deeble, Belén Gaspar-Garcia, Wan Li, Michael Lodge, and Tim Rakow. Finally, we would also like to acknowledge the Department of Psychology at Essex, and in particular the social research group.

Project partners

The researchers worked in cooperation with AFS Intercultural Programs, who facilitated contact between the researchers and participants. This project was not commissioned by AFS, however the following partners of AFS Intercultural Programs engaged with and participated in this project:

AFS Argentina ▪ AFS Australia ▪ AFS Belgique ▪ AFS Bolivia ▪ AFS Brasil ▪ AFS Canada ▪ AFS Česká Republika ▪ AFS Chile ▪ AFS China ▪ AFS Colombia ▪ AFS Costa Rica ▪ AFS Danmark ▪ AFS Deutschland ▪ AFS Ecuador ▪ AFS España ▪ AFS Finland ▪ AFS France ▪ AFS Ghana ▪ AFS Honduras ▪ AFS 國際文化交流 ▪ AFS India ▪ Bina Antarbudaya Indonesia ▪ AFS International ▪ AFS Ísland ▪ AFS Italia ▪ AFS Japan ▪ AFS Magyarország ▪ AFS Malaysia ▪ AFS México ▪ AFS Nederland ▪ AFS New Zealand ▪ AFS Norge ▪ AFS Osterreich ▪ AFS Panamá ▪ AFS Paraguay ▪ AFS Perú ▪ AFS Philippines ▪ AFS Portugal ▪ AFS República Dominicana ▪ AFS Россия ▪ AFS Sverige ▪ AFS Switzerland ▪ AFS Thailand ▪ AFS Turkey ▪ AFS USA ▪ AFS Venezuela ▪ AFS Vlaanderen

Project sponsor

This research was supported by a research grant of the Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC RES-062-23-1211].